Haley Eyre

Photographer &

Art Director

Born and raised in Calgary, I am an emerging artist recently graduated with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in photography, at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD). In recent years, through my interaction with a broader world – one connected through the internet – my interests and artistic practice have begun to include feminism and gender politics. Photography is my way of exploring themes of beauty, societal standards, feminism, and inner conflicts. I enjoy using vibrant aesthetics and comedy as a method of expressing myself in my work. My practice involves story-telling, set building, photography, and photoshop. My goal as an artist is to bring a little laughter into the world while also confronting social issues and my personal hardships.

I am also the creator and director of UNABASHED Art & Style Magazine; a magazine with a focus on local artists, challenging societal standards of beauty, and being true to one’s self.  



"Sour Face" / The Creig Gallery / 2019​

"The Female Lens" / Christine Klassen Gallery / 2019

"Emerging Artist Showcase" / Exposure Festival HQ / 2019

"Blindspot: Seeking Place" / Alberta University of the Arts / Exposure Festival / 2019

"Would You Say That To Your Mother?" / The Creig Gallery / 2018

“Voices” BlindSpot / Alberta College of Art + Design / 2018

“Transformations” / Herringer Kiss Gallery / 2018

“Consciousness & Mortality” / Deville Coffee 2 St. Calgary / 2017-2018

“Bodies in Colour” / The Creig Gallery, ACAD / 2017-2018

“Return to Earth” / The Creig Gallery , ACAD / 2017




The Calgary Hearld, February 2, 2019 / YOU / I Don't Want To Clean

PhotoED Magazine / Winter 2018-2019 Digital Edition / Ladies Don't Sit Like That

UNABASHED Art & Style Magazine / Vol. 1