Haley Eyre

Photographer &

Art Director

Born and raised in Calgary, I am an emerging artist recently graduated with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in photography, at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD). In recent years, through my interaction with a broader world – one connected through the internet – my interests and artistic practice have begun to include feminism and gender politics. Photography is my way of exploring themes of beauty, societal standards, feminism, and inner conflicts. I enjoy using vibrant aesthetics and comedy as a method of expressing myself in my work. My practice involves story-telling, set building, photography, and photoshop. My goal as an artist is to bring a little laughter into the world while also confronting social issues and my personal hardships.

I am also the creator and director of UNABASHED Art & Style Magazine; a magazine with a focus on local artists, challenging societal standards of beauty, and being true to one’s self.  



"Sour Face", The Creig Gallery, 2019​

"The Female Lens", Christine Klassen Gallery, 2019

"Emerging Artist Showcase", Exposure Festival HQ, 2019

"Blindspot: Seeking Place", Alberta University of the Arts, Exposure Photography Festival, 2019

"Would You Say That To Your Mother?", The Creig Gallery, 2018

“Voices” BlindSpot, Alberta University of the Arts, 2018

“Transformations”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, 2018

“Consciousness & Mortality”, Deville Coffee 2 St. Calgary, 2017-2018

“Bodies in Colour”, The Creig Gallery, AUArts, 2017-2018

“Return to Earth”,  The Creig Gallery, AUArts, 2017




PhotoED Magazine, Winter 2019-2020, Haley Eyre: New and Bonkers

The Calgary Herald, February 2, 2019, YOU, I Don't Want To Clean

PhotoED Magazine, Winter 2018-2019 Digital Edition, Ladies Don't Sit Like That



Self Publications

UNABASHED Art & Style Magazine, Vol. 2

UNABASHED Art & Style Magazine, Vol. 1


Hear/d Residency, Alberta University of the Arts, 2019





PhotoEd Magazine Presents... A Photo Inspiration Pecha Kucha Night, Calgary, 2020

Live Interview with Global Calgary, Exposure Photo Festival & PhotoEd Pecha Kucha February 2, 2020



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