Wow this magazine is the most magical work of art! I’m in awe of how amazing, cool, creative, dope, fun, inclusive, informative etc. that it is! well done!!! I’m so honoured to have been a part of this experience and I am beyond excited for the event on feb 21! I’m definitely going to buy at least 3 more copies! And I’m going to frame one in the studio because this is the kind of magazine I dream of being included in! Thank you so much!! 


UNABASHED is a stunning, incredible magazine. From the onset, a dazzling array of patterns and colours fills every corner of the pages. With every page flipped, there's always something interesting around the bend; whether it's an insightful interview, a side-splitting prose about the best/worst television program, or a vibrant photoset. UNABASHED is unapologetically loud, but it never needs to apologize anyways.

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Unabashed is an absolute joy to read and take in! It’s easy to see the amount of art-loving passion and care that went into this. The interviews are well developed, the artists are well showcased, the articles are wonderfully written, and every aspect of the magazine ties together in a bright, beautifully multi-patterned bow. I truly enjoyed every moment of it.


The word 'magazine' seems insufficient to describe what 'Unabashed' really reads like... which is more of an accessible and sustainable art book or coffee table edition than a pulp digest. The editorials are worthy of framing and the curation is entirely weird and wonderful. Each copy is a real artefact!


UNABASHED is as colourful in its perspectives as it is in its pages, and is an UNbelievable work of art and human connection.

I loved so much about it; the way you write and interview is so personable and easy to read and connect with, the patterned pages are beautiful, and the true stories that are funny or sad or raw are honest and compelling.